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27 Aug

Watch the trailer of our new film “IMPETUOUS”!

‘IMPETUOUS’ tells the compelling story about a boy named Alexander, a socially awkward teenager and his impractical crush on a popular teenage girl. The film takes on the issue of teenage bullying in high schools social acceptance and cliques. Alexander, who is constantly picked on, is hopelessly infatuated with Brittany. Brittany and her popular clique are amused by Alexander’s infatuation, and so Brittany asks Alexander out on a date as a joke. Surprisingly, as Brittany gets to know Alexander, she begins to like him. Unfortunately, she is unable to reverse the cruel joke that is planned for him.


The Bullying Epidemic

24 Nov

Bullying is a growing epidemic that has become the topic of many news stories and initiatives. With advances in technology, bullying has become more prevalent and pervasive among young people participating in social networking. Michael Tanner Cusumano’s film, Impetuous, released by Tanner Films, takes an honest look at bullying trends and the devastating outcomes of social dysfunction among teenagers.

Bullying can have a lasting impact on its victims. Mental anguish and depression are among the symptoms victims face, sometimes leading to suicide. Often, teenagers are afraid to seek help when dealing with a bully for fear of backlash or embarrassment. However, doing nothing can cause the situation to spiral out of control and become physical or deadly.

There are multiple ways teenagers can address bullying, whether they are the victim or observer.


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Many bullies are aggressive towards others because they lack self-esteem. If you are being bullied, tell the bully to stop or back off. Direct communication is the first line of defense against bad behavior.

Remove yourself from the situation.
If at all possible, walk away from the bully. Sit at another table, leave the premises, or go to another room.

Talk to someone trustworthy.
Find an adult with whom you feel comfortable and share what happened. Report your history with the bully and explain what has occurred. If you feel that the bully may do physical harm to you, be sure to clearly share how you feel and why.

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Find a healthy outlet for your emotions.
If you find yourself depressed or overwhelmed with the situation, find a healthy way to release those emotions. Hang out with positive friends and spend time doing things you love.